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With decades of experience in the gaming industry,

who empowers the decision-makers?

The Gaming Boardroom is here to transform the landscape. We go beyond mere support; we work with you to solve the most pressing issues facing global gaming industry suppliers and operators. Together, we can create a thriving industry.


Shaped from deep industry insight, The Gaming Boardroom equips gaming professionals with a vital arsenal: a rich network, cutting-edge intelligence, and the support needed to lead with conviction. Our digital, members-only platform is more than a resource—it's a catalyst for confident decision-making.
Dive into pivotal market trends, engage with solutions that drive action, and connect with leading peers across the globe, it serves as your strategic ally in decision-making. TGB is your strategic partner, transforming how you navigate the gaming industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Leading The Gaming Boardroom is a seasoned quartet dedicated to empowering industry leaders Kate Chambers, Greg Saint, and Jon Bruford. Each team member brings unparalleled expertise and a distinct perspective, driving our mission to illuminate the path for gaming industry professionals.

Kate Chambers, drawing on three decades of event management experience, pinpointed a critical gap in strategic insights within the gaming sector. Together with Greg and Jon, she has harnessed their collective networks and knowledge to forge a platform that delivers information and facilitates meaningful action.

Our expertise bridges the gap between continents, offering insights from Europe’s gaming strongholds to the innovation hotspots of the USA. It’s our mission to do more than just support the industry; we aim to be catalysts for change. By focusing on what truly matters to decision-makers, we’re here to ensure you’re not just keeping pace with the industry but defining its future.

Kate Chambers

With a career spanning over 30 years in building professional communities, Kate Chambers is no stranger to the intricacies of the global gaming sector. From revitalising underperforming trade shows to spearheading world-class exhibitions, her mission now focuses on what truly matters: aiding gaming professionals in making better decisions.



Greg's 30-year career in B2B events and digital solutions empowers him to see possibilities where others see challenges. As a former Group Event Director for the ICE London brands, his expertise is now channelled into making The Gaming Boardroom the quintessential business solution for the global gaming community.



With an impressive 30-year stint in publishing, Jon Bruford is an industry veteran with a unique blend of consumer and B2B experience. His focus aligns perfectly with our mission: To transform The Gaming Boardroom into the definitive source for executives aiming to refine their decision-making abilities.