Twitch’s Loss, Kick’s Gain: Top Streamers Flock To New Platform Following Gambling Ban

It’s interesting to read about the development of streaming platforms and that the ability to make money for the content creators doesn’t mean they stay loyal to platforms that have served them well and made them household names with their target audience. The move from Twitch to Kick is an interesting one to follow especially as its based around ownership, gambling and governance. The power that content creators have with their audience to make them move is a lesson for all as we learn to harness their ability to build audiences in sectors that felt it wasnt for them, gambling is one of them. Lets see what happens next in this battle of the streamers and also the conversation around gambling with this audience and if they can make the jump across from gaming to gambling.

This brings up another question – Gaming, Gambling… what means what and shouldn’t actually the gambling industry back itself and say what they do in clear language and make it less confusing for a new generation of gamers?

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