RG Mastermind

As part of TGB’s Gaming Mastermind, online events for gaming executives and industry leaders, we are proud to present its first RG Mastermind series. Join us on the 3-4 May for insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge presentations on the latest trends in the Responsible Gambling world.

With an emphasis on innovation, we’ll provide the ultimate platform for learning, connecting, and understanding of the latest best practices.

The event places Neccton’s world-renowned expert Dr Michael Auer at the heart of the event, leading several sessions and contributing his extensive knowledge for the good of the industry.

Dr Auer said of the event: “I’m looking forward to the event because it’s something definitely different, there is some amazing talent involved already and it is the first of what promises to be a superb series of events. I’m very happy to be involved and to have this opportunity.”

This event will run across two days, with 4-5 sessions per day across a range of RG topics. There will be breaks between sessions, and sessions will also be available for members to watch later.

Sessions include:

  • From Research to Implementation, a look at the path from academic research to real-world implementation;
  • RG brand strategy, a look at how RG branding might be hampering progress in reaching the right people at the right time;
  • An ethics panel;
  • A discussion about female problem gamblers and whether a fresh approach to intervention and treatment is needed;
  • A multi-agency approach to RG, where we discuss real-world ways to action and support people in need, and the organisations helping them.

This will be a paid for series of digital events, with tickets ranging from just £50 for a single session, or up to £450 for full access to the complete series, which consists of 3 editions in the RG Mastermind, with complete access to recordings and materials.

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