67: Not all that glitters 🪩

There’s something really irritating in the second half of this article and maybe I’m naive or wasn’t just paying attention but…

The reason why I can’t find anything interesting to watch on Netflix is because they actively only show me things similar to what I’ve watched before. This means I cannot see anything different easily, I can’t get inspired by anything different easily, and I end up settling for a programme because my 16-year-old son has binge-watched something totally inappropriate for the last week on my account and tried to hide it from me – BUT NOT FROM NETFLIX!

I wonder what else this irritating habit of forcing us down a path we don’t want to go and totally removing our own ability for free thinking and exploring and developing our own minds has infiltrated. I suspect it’s all a mission to keep us engaged for more profit…

Please excuse the porn references in the first half of the article, sometimes you have to wade through the filth to get to the good parts.

Read the full article here.

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